Welcome to Parachuting Associates

Ace the Parachuting Canine

Ace the Parachuting Canine

Follow the exploits of parachuting adventurer Jim Hall. That's me.  I've written an action-packed account of what it was like to parachute into Mexico in novel, "Parachuting for Gold in Old Mexico."

Ever hear of a canine paratrooper?  I had one!  Read the first hand accounts of my amazing parachuting dog, Ace.  He was something else.

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  1. Michael Wasnea says:


    Just finished your book and have to tell you how much I enjoyed it. What an interesting life you have lead.

    I can relate to your story perhaps more than others since I know some of the people you mention. I jumped with Bob Sinclair back in the late 60s and 70s – he’s a character. I too have performed demo jumps into soccer fields in Mexico. I made my first jump at Arvin in 1965 and went on to do relative work at all the usual DZs in Southern California and even made a few jumps in Canada and Peru. I’ve had a few adventures but nothing like yours. Never-the-less your book brings back great memories of good times.

    Thanks for writing your story.

    Michael Wasnea
    Meridian, ID
    SCR# 86

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