Parachuting Pioneers Excitement Growing

Excitement continues to grow for the Pioneers of Parachuting SkyDivers Reunion in Orange, Ms in Sept.  Only recently did I learn that Orange has a section called Jumptown.  That should be interesting!

Had lunch recently with Vern Williams and Bud Kiesow, pioneers from early Calif. days.  Lots of memories and laughs.  Bud still lives in Calif.; Vern lives in Colorado.  We went to SkyVenture Colorado and met up with Kim Emmons Knor, enjoyed watching jumpers practice in the tunnel!  Jim and Kim will see you in Jumptown!

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  1. Tom Gray says:

    General Jim Hall:

    A belated congratulations on your promotion to General. I knew you when you were a Major. I used to parachute jump with Dave Burt, Bob Sinclair, Jim Rinder, Bobby Henry, Jim Hughes and Milt Platt. I don’t know if you will remember me, but I sure remember you. Jim Rinder found me in New Orleans, after a 35 year hiatus. We are staying in touch via email. I an pleased that your are still doing well—all the best!

    Tom “the Sniveler” Gray

  2. George K. McCullough says:

    I worked a Lake Elsinor Parachute Centre as a jump master for Perkins. I delivered items for Bob Sinclair and Jack Johnson and worked for Dave Burt..still have my old business cards. I went to meetings at the Adventurers Club. I knew Dave's wife who was with ATT and served in the Murmansk area. When she and Dave had the car wreck and she was killed, I spent time sitting with Dave as he was in a coma until he died. Bob and I closed the office after he died. I spliced alot of film for Six Million-Dollar Man, Rip Cord, etc. I have alot of old scripts...George McCullough 08/10/2013 San Antonio

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